The Backstory of Whispers on the Wind

by | Jun 10, 2023

When I first decided to write Whispers on the Wind, it was to be a short, sweet romance story for Christmas. It morphed into a novel. My characters decided to take me along on a journey through legends, myths, and time.

I wanted to stretch myself, and to write something that wasn’t dark, or sad and so the story began.

Whispers on the Wind is a romance tale with the backdrop of a war between Atlantis and Lemuria (MU) that destroyed both continents. It centers around the Horse Clan as Mahinee accidentally goes through a time portal with her three horses while out on a winters ride.

Although I am not Mahinee; I had her take my three horses, three cats, and my bird back in time with her. Because I know my horses it worked. I thought about changing their names, but it seemed somehow wrong. They had the personalities of my animals, and so I left their names. In fiction is hidden some fact.

I love this story, the myths, legends, magic, and love that is in it, and hope you do too. It is out in Paperback, Kindle pre-order, and soon in Audio.

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