Shining Light Before Despair

by | Feb 5, 2023

Atop a hill, a citadel stood
For a brief, moment in time
It gleamed a light of hope.
A shining light upon the hill
The chance of freedom from despair

Its rooms filled with grace, dignity and laughter
From inside, intelligence and wit touched the world
History will mark these years
And agonize over what came after
When faith was lost in the land

When the suffering of the many
Came from the choices of a few
And the apathy of others
Helped usher in what was to come
A world of demigods and destruction

Lost was clean air and water
The rivers carried the dead
The poor, elderly and young suffered
By the hands of the God of Greed
All mourned the loss of what was.

Those who’s hate and fear
For a time reigned the land
But, history will remember
The shining light that once was
Upon the hill.

Before destruction came
When the world still had a chance
When peace was a possibility
If, fear and hate were beaten
And the demigods hadn’t won

I mourn the loss already
Before its completely gone
My heart still hopes
Because, some will fight
For freedom, love and dignity
and what the light upon the hill can be.


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