by | Jun 12, 2024

So wrapped up in our own joys, sorrows, and heartache we sometimes forget those others that are also going through their own pain, joy, and heartache. I remember the fun times, the unhappy times, the times filled with challenges to be faced, and know that once again, I must work to open my heart to others.

I must not close it again, fearful that I will be hurt, or rejected, but with the knowledge it might happen, yet it might also be filled with joy.

Even in the darkest days of my life, even if I don’t share the pain, I will forgive and love all the more each day, each moment, each life that crosses my path.

Last week we lost my beloved Chrome, he was with me through thick and thin; he gave love even in his own pain, and fears. I’d watch him running across the field, golden mane and tail flying, his hooves covering the ground in seconds, yet when he’d reach me, he’d put his head lower, touch it to my chest, and give me love. It didn’t matter to him that I’d grown older, for he had to. It didn’t matter, if I was upset, he’d heal the hurts. He was a protector of his little herd, spreading a quiet strength, and a fierce love.

He’d want me to help Dinky and Connella find peace in his passing, and the knowledge that he’d meet them again. He’d want me to continue on, and to love each day I have with all of them. To be grateful for what is, and let go of what hurts I held onto for too many years.


  1. Tricia LaRochelle

    This is so beautiful and special. What a bond you shared. I’m so sorry for your loss but also happy you experienced this conn.

    • Marta Moran Bishop

      Thank you Tricia, for not only reading my little post but for commenting. Chrome would want me to open my heart again. I guess I walk with animals, for though you can feel their joy, pain, hurts, and have your heart broken. There is no intentional hurt in them.

      Hugs to you and yours.


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