by | Mar 22, 2023

After being taken from his mother within the first few hours of his life, Dinky was moved from place to place always wondering about his fate. Would he end up at the tanner’s, sold at auction, left to die on the side of the road, or from lack of proper nutrition? He was one of the lucky nurse mare foals, he was bought from a nurse mare farm and although considered by them to be a ‘junk foal’ he was rescued.

Though well taken care of at the rescue, he still had not met an adult horse, he had only met nurse mare foals and fillies. Those who were also lucky enough to be rescued from certain death.

When we adopted him at about four months, he was underweight, full of parasites, and frightened of being taken away from the only friend he had ever known.

After fourteen years he is still working through his fears of being unwanted, unloved, and what tomorrow will bring. Some days he is the happy, curious little boy of his youth. On other occasions, since his friend Chrome has grown older and no longer wants to play like he once did, you will find Dinky staring, once again off into the woods. I often wonder what is on his mind. What I do know is he needs more love, attention, and communication with humans than most horses.

We are working to help him overcome his fears of water hoses, needles, and change. Change is inevitable in life, especially since Chrome is now twenty-six and nearing the age that he doesn’t want the drama or rough play that Dinky still needs. We will get there, Dinky and me, each day we get a little closer, though he still has his moments when he tests me.


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