Whispers on the Wind

Whispers on the Wind takes Mahinee, and her three horses on a trip through a time-travel warp back to Lemuria just before and during the war with Atlantis.

It is a love story that transcends time and space and brings a world where the greed of power and gold foreshadow doom to both civilizations.

But did all the people who once inhabited them perish or did some live on, if so, where or what happened to them?

Do Mahinee and her soul-mate Jonair make it out of Lemuria alive, and are they able together find a new destiny, one where their love will survive?


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Unlike many legends whose origins have been lost in the mists of time, we know exactly when and where the story of Atlantis first appeared. The story was first told in two of Plato's dialogues, the "Timaeus" and the "Critias," they were not about a Utopian city, but rather the opposite. The Atlanteans were not peaceful people but instead filled with greed. The legend of Lemuria on the other hand wasn’t first discussed until the eighteen-hundreds and was filled with spiritual peace-loving people.


All bright as polished pearls and sparkling diamonds too the lacy snowflakes fell, each different than the other. No two alike that she could tell but each so beautiful in the snow filled sky as they rained upon them all. Till father wind began to churn them all and create a funnel white and tall.

Churn they did round and round till a wall circled them all. Mother Earth cradled them in the center of it all and Mahinee began to sing to calm herself and her horses too from the wall that carried them on.

Father Wind brings us to a place
Where grass grows tall and strong
And warm breezes fill the air
Coming from the ocean blue
With waves of green glass too
And rainbows of color light the sky
Glinting off the crystal walls
I’ll find my true love there
With sapphire eyes and cornsilk hair
A horse tattoo upon his arm
Together we’ll save a people doomed to die
Who must teach us all to live
Those that will, we’ll carry forward
A new life we’ll build
One that brings us through the dark days
That greed begets in man
And steals their souls
Till only gold and power reign in them
Churn round and round
And cradle us as we go
Along the path that leads us
To the place that we need to be
It’s off to Lemuria we go.
E O dio ha hey yay
E O dio ha hey yay
E O dio ha hey yay