Wee Three: A Mother’s Love in Verse

A book of short stories written in verse from a child’s perspective that can be read and enjoyed by young and old alike. “Marta Moran Bishop is stunningly talented. This wonderful book is not only charming, but it holds a bit of magic on each page … the kind of magic of days gone by. The beautifully rendered prose urges us to remember, to close our eyes and revisit slower days, childhood days, when there were no cell phones or computers to distract us from seeing the wonders in nature and the world of make-believe…” – Beth Hoffman, Author of NY Times Best Seller, Saving CeeCee Honeycutt “…Throughout the pages of Wee Three, author Marta Moran Bishop takes the reader on a poetic trip back in time to the simpler, carefree years of our youth, when nothing was more important than chasing bumblebees or taking jovial walks through the snow…

“Kudos to Bishop for highlighting the essence of innocence in such fun-filled, comprehensive fashion.” – Wendy Paulson – Apex Reviews

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There's immensely significant role quality literature plays in making the personality of the children. It gives them the ability to dream, ability to love and ability to hope in the world which is largely unmoved by their existence. It helps them cherish the beauty of life. It is important for parents to realize that children poetry is more than absurd rhyming words. They need to give new eyes to the child to observe the world with. That is precisely what this book does. It became a daily staple of my five year old and I just recollected that I have not reviewed this. This is an amazing book and it so delicately introduces the child to the beauty of literature, of beauty, of life. Do pick up, it will lighten up those nights when your little one snuggles on to you.