The Void

The Void, the first paranormal short story written by Marta Moran Bishop, is reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock or the Twilight Zone of later days. It will take you deep into the mind and heart of someone either living through a serious mental illness or something mysterious and dangerous resides in the void. Many years before, Altori and her sister Helen moved into the village. Last year during the night of no moon Helen went out into the void and nearly died. A terrible disease spread through her body. She ran away to escape the possibility of death at the hands of the frightened villagers. Will Altori survive the void and find her sister? Did Helen ever exist or is Altori suffering from a mental illness?

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Leyla Atke

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 27, 2014

The Void by Marta Moran Bishop is a mystical paranormal story about two unfortunate girls, sisters Altori and Helen. Helen disapears during the night of no moon in the void and Altori thinks about her sister all the time, trying to understand what had happened to her. She is sure that Helen is alive but where is she? Suffering from her hard work and unfortunate life, Altori falls in trance several times and meets her sister Helen who is in awful physical condition but still alive. Sisters miss their parents and try to find out where their home is. In the non-moon void night sisters make a journey carrying a cryptic box, their legacy. Using the items that were in the box, Altori makes a rite of purification at the end of which a mystical power carries both sisters home.

I love this paranormal story and the feeling of uncertainty it leaves. And yes, it is reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock or the Twilight Zone. It is still not clear whether the events described in the book occured in the material or immaterial world. Was what is happening a sick imagination of Altori, whose life in the material world was so terrible? It still remains a mystery that only makes the book even more intriguing.