The Night Of The Fairies

Astarte, grew up an orphan in the tribe and she had no recollection of ever having known her mother. From childhood, she could hear the silver ringing of the music of the fairies as they twirled in the moonlight below the caves. She saw them dancing, the fireflies glittering in and around them, adding a shimmer of gold in the moonlight.

Why could no one else see them? What made Astarte different than the other children of the tribe? Why did discontent fill her soul at the idea of moving with the tribe and leaving the fairies behind and why did the idea that she would be required to marry into one of the other tribes when she reached her majority scare her so much?

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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 14, 2020

Astarte is a misfit orphan who loves stars and fairies. She often wonders who she is, and why she feels so different from everyone else. Why can’t she fit in? Now her adopted tribe is preparing to move away from all she loves most. Can Astarte find a way to stay true to herself, and avoid the dreary life that’s planned for her? This story resonates beyond her plight, to everyone seeking that which will bring happiness into their lives. It has lovely prose and a fitting resolution.
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