The Choosing: From The Memory Keepers

In a world where the Gods walk and their spirits commune with mankind, there must be those trained while in a trance to intercede with them, for the good of the tribe.Mondoani, a young woman, is chosen by the Gods to take the place of the Old Mother upon her passing. Is this frail young woman strong enough to carry the spirits of the Gods? Can she learn quickly enough to save her people from possible famine and death?For it will be her responsibility to carry the memories of all those who have passed from this life and to help protect and lead her people across the dead lands and snowy plains to a place they can safely spend the winter. But before she can accomplish that she must choose an apprentice from among the young girls and women, someone who can take her place should she fall.Will Mondoani’s youth and inexperience condemn the tribe to death or will she rise above it and with the help of the magical world choose correctly?

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The Choosing is a story with interesting mystical tones and a touch of the allegorical. It speaks to the harmony that must exist between people and the gods for the bounty on earth to be renewable. The passages that portray rituals used to honor the earth and its gifts were memorable to me.

Strength and vitality are prominent traits in the main character. Mondoani is no ordinary girl; she has been chosen by the gods to be the tribe's new Memory Keeper when their Old Mother dies. The Memory Keeper plays a most significant role in the tribe. She is the conduit who is entrusted to intercede with the gods for a tribe's survival: to ensure safe passage to the place where food, water and safety are assured. This task is daunting for Mondoani, fraught with fears that there will not be enough time for her to gain enough knowledge necessary to keep the tribe safe from famine and death. Mondoani, however, never wavers from tackling the immense responsibilities given her at such a young age. The author wove her words carefully, finding some balance in tone between Mondoani's worry and confidence, her fears and courage.

The last few chapters offer an unusual twist to the story. The ceremony to choose an apprentice for Mondoani was dramatic, with surprising revelations involving various gods intermingling with the tribe. If you enjoy allegorical stories, this one will appeal.