Miss Tofte

I found myself wondering if she had been born out of the files or they were born together. At any rate, the files and Miss Tofte were inextricably tied up with each other. I tell you it was weird!

If it had been anybody else, I would have felt kind of sad about it, I mean, a little old lady with no life other than the file department. But with Miss Tofte, you had an altogether different feeling. This was the way she liked it, make no mistake, this was her choice.

Anyway, I guess I have pretty well established that to all appearances Miss Tofte had always and was always in the files, and she gave every indication of going on this same way forever. She probably would have too, if something had not happened to change her world.
Miss Tofte is a paranormal story that will chill, delight, and leave you wondering.

Originally penned by my mother Patricia Moran, and finished by Marta Moran Bishop.

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Viv Drewa

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 3, 2021

Throughout this entire book I was trying to figure out Miss Tofte. You get the feeling she's not going to ever leave the file room, even when the file room was being updated.
It gave me goose bumps!
I highly recommend this book!