Hidden Realms

Three short stories of the paranormal and the unknown, to delight, chill, and make you wonder. This book contains The Hollowers, The Other Side, and The Night of the Fairies, published under single stories and now together. The Hollowers is a strange tale of Jerry’s discovery of an old box. Jerry is a man who has chosen to do as little as possible to get by. He lives in a pretend world where the main character is himself, until he finds the mysterious box. The Other Side is the story of Ed and Isle. Ed is a successful businessman until one day under the most unusual circumstances he discovers a new world. A world that holds the woman of his dreams, but can he live there or will his learned behavior keep them apart? The Night of the Fairies, takes us into the realm of a young girl, who was adopted into the tribe, but never fit in. She sees fairies, which no one else can see and has a horror of becoming the wife of one of the tribe, she is changing you see, but into what?

Cover Art by R. Jade Lazlow

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Viv Drewa

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 10, 2020

I love the way Bishop's imagination can weave such odd, and entertaining stories.
The Night of the Fairies shows us if we wait we will become whom we want to be.
The Other Side was just as fascinating! A man finally finds the woman of his dreams, but is he willing to make the sacrifice of a successful life?
The Hollowers was a bit more disturbing but fantastic. A lazy man, living in an imaginary world, finds a box that gives him the ultimate reward if you want to call it that.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to see outcomes in different situations.