Beyond the Veil

In Beyond the Veil, is a collection of six short stories.

The Devil Inside – A story of a psychopathic killer with extraordinary powers, who like his father before him finds joy in stalking, marrying, and torturing his victim.

The Tower Sensitive Amanda has moved way too many times to escape her stalker. She has changed her identity multiple times, left family and friends behind, all the while hiding her paranormal abilities. It appears that her stalker may have found her again. What will she do?

The House That Hid – A Ghostly Tale
A fabulous haunted short story. Told in first person, it takes place at a haunted house in Chicago. Marta’s story is a fun and nostalgic experience that has you wondering if ghosts really live amongst us. Best on audio!

Jane Doe – Jane Doe found unconscious and naked with only her long red hair covering her body. The police try to help her find out who she was but to no avail. They soon lose interest.
After nine years she wanted to die. She felt alone in her dingy apartment. Will she ever learn who she was and where she came from?

Miss Tofte – I found myself wondering if she had been born out of the files or they were born together. At any rate, the files and Miss Tofte were inextricably tied up with each other. I tell you it was weird!
If it had been anybody else, I would have felt kind of sad about it, I mean, a little old lady with no life other than the file department. But with Miss Tofte, you had an altogether different feeling. This was the way she liked it, make no mistake, this was her choice.

The Void – A Brilliant Mind-Bending Story
Does Altori suffer from a multitude of mental illnesses or is something stranger lurking in the darkness? Her affliction could certainly be described as delusional paranoid schizophrenia with a tendency to inflict wounds upon herself.

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helen diessner

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 25, 2021

I loved these short stories, most of them left me wishing they were longer, but I especially loved The Void. It really made me feel the place, the circumstances of Altori, and her hunt for her sister Helen. All in all there wasn't one story that I didn't love.