Algernon: A is For Anteater

Take one anteater who discovers chocolate covered ants & see what he will do to keep a supply!!

Algernon is an anteater, but he is a very ingenious one…He not only loves ants, but especially chocolate covered ones. So, to find a supply of his new favorite food, he not only learns to read and to stand up tall, and to consequently join the circus!

This children’s book is delightful, with a refreshing commentary describing Algernon’s thoughts and his precocious stream-of-consciousness asides…

Meet Algernon the Anteater…you’ll love him

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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 4, 2023

I read this with my Granddaughter and we both agreed Algernon is silly. We laughed when Algernon discovered chocolate covered ants which leads him on a quest to get more. Hus adventures and perseverance make a delightful story that we will read over and over again.
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