A Poet’s Journey: Sunlight and Shadows

Marta Moran Bishop continues her journey in Sunlight and Shadows. This book of poetry, unlike A Poet’s Journey: Emotions, is a more thought provoking book. In its pages, she covers everything from God, to life after death, war, and the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Still she is able to bring to life the beauty and grandeur of her surroundings and make us laugh, cry, think, and feel.

Sunlight and Shadows will once again, take you on an emotional journey through life.

I believe it is how we deal with despair, tragedy, and joy that define us as human beings.

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Through this collection Marta Moran Bishop gives the reader a raw peek inside the intimate dichotomy a victim of abuse must endure until they are able to process. Marta takes the entanglement of love and hate abuse manifests, and through the rhythm of her words she unwinds her confusion. In a completely unadulterated tone, she smooths the drama and unselfishly shares the gift with others, a priceless gift. Her gift is without restraint through her beautiful poetry. This book is a deep reflection of a victim, survivor and a beautifully empathetic human being that has risen above the perpetrators of the past and found beauty in people, nature, and animals. I so admire Marta's ability to share her deepest and most intimate feelings and experiences while at the same time recognizing obstacles others encounter that are not hers personally.

From a heart wrenching abusive experience, a salute to soldiers,an inclusive look at God and a tree sleeping...this is a wonderful labor of love any poetry reader will appreciate.