~Author Services~


CRITIQUE: I will ensure the plot, structure, and theme are all fully consistent. I’ll look at the dialogue, pacing, characterization and the sweep of your plot, to make sure that your entire book not only holds well together but also flows.

FIRST STEP: Contact me to send your manuscript for evaluation I will give you a quote (which includes Overall Critique) and a payment schedule.

WHAT YOU GET: I will evaluate the story, plot, and dialogue flow, with a second look at your previous editing. Most publishers will put this through 2 to 3 different edits, so a second look is a good Idea.

PROOFREADING: This is a final check for punctuation and typographical errors, done at your request once you have had it edited.

WHAT YOU GET: You will receive two copies of your corrected manuscript emailed back to you: one with any suggested edits highlighted using the Word’s Track Changes feature (which allows you to consider and act on them) and a second with the edits accepted as part of the text (which helps minimize work at your end.)

FORMATTING (Print & Ebooks)

I offer the interior formatting services (both eBook and print) for your manuscript. I will create a structured, professional look, using font families, title page setup, table of contents, front-matter, chapter headers, and back-matter, to produce a publishable manuscript that is aesthetically pleasing to best present your work. For EBook, I will format the text so it is reflowable to fit screen proportions.

FIRST STEP: Contact me to send your manuscript for evaluation. Each work requires a different organization and level of complexity. Once I evaluate your manuscript, I will send you a quote.


Do you need a cover for your book that will really stand out and bring the story to life, from the best designer? Contact me and I’ll set up a consultation for you with the best graphic artist in the business.

Your cover is more than a design. It’s a mission to bring your vision of the story to life. Bookmarks and banners are also available.

FIRST STEP: Contact me with a description of your book, and any design elements you would like to see featured on the cover in order of importance. Include: title, subtitle,  author name as it should appear, and any other text elements, such as a blurb. 


I will make up a teaser, banner, or book trailer to feature your book with a link to buy that will go out every day to a different social media site or run strictly on Twitter for 5 days for $8.00 a week. Contact me.

We can also feature you or your event in our newsletter. Contact me for information: It can include but not limited to new releases, what your WIP is, Events, or if you have your book on special.

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