About Marta Moran Bishop

Though I am a multi-genre author, there is generally a centralized theme in all my books and stories, which is one of growth, healing, and learning to love.

My brain sometimes works in odd ways, it takes data from all I’ve read, seen, heard, and in my dreams or the wee hours of the morning it’s as if the puzzle pieces fly together and form their own pattern. How does yours work?

When I write, it feels as if I am stepping into someone else’s life and emotions, and I just type their story.

Marta Moran Bishop walks in the shoes of her characters and weaves the tapestry of their lives with the threads of her dreams.


Her first book, Wee Three: A Mothers Love In Verse, a children’s poetry book, illustrated by Hazel Mitchell, was a collaborative effort and a labor of love. She took the short, sweet verses her grandmother wrote in the nineteen thirties for her children and expanded those and added additional verses of her own.

Ms. Bishop, is a prolific and versatile writer, writing in multiple genres, while continuing to stretch herself and her craft.


Her series The Divide: Darkness Descend (book 1) and The Between Times (book 2) tell the story of a bleak world, where society consists of the poor and the rich and the poor live in squalor, with only a prophecy for hope of a better future. It has a touch of paranormal within its pages. Dawn Rises (book 3) is a way out of that bleak world.


She has written three adult poetry books and a variety of fantasy and paranormal stories. A few of them are stories that her mother wrote over forty years ago and she finished while others are new and vibrant stories.

As so many people in life, my purpose has changed, year to year. Once upon a time it was, “The Good Wife,” then it became “The Caretaker.” Now, it is multi-fold, sometimes unclear, always changing, depending upon the circumstances of the day.

For me to say I have only one purpose would be to presuppose that my life was not complex. I am constantly involved in something, at times it is my writing. For without my writing I would be at a loss to release the feelings I have inside of me. I would lose that all important connection with myself.

My writing is also about remembering the good with the bad in life. Not all childhoods where good, most have moments that if looked for, can be remembered fondly. I am not sure there is such a thing as a perfect childhood. Too many remember only the slights, not the glories of climbing the first tree or making cloud pictures. In the innocence of childhood, the happiness of a puppy, kitten, or the beauty of a rose, can be found the real meaning of bliss. As adults it becomes harder for us to remember that innocent joy. The stress of the day brings anger, rage, and for many a disconnection with ourselves and our loved ones. I believe one of my purposes is to help bridge the gap between generations and help others to find the connection to themself and their loved ones.