A poignant story full of love

by | Jan 12, 2023

In the last fifteen or so years much has been talked about and learned of the practice of breeding a mare for its milk, so that it can be rented out to feed a high-dollar mare’s foal. The mare’s foal considered ‘junk’ is often killed or tossed aside, sometimes making it to a rescue and later adopted. But little has been said about the pain and suffering that the nurse mare goes through, when continually kept either breeding or nursing and always losing her own baby.

The Nurse Mare’s Tale tells us the story of two aged nurse mares who may soon face auction or worse, perhaps a better ending will happen? It is, however, a poignant story full of love.

An excerpt:

“I probably will never see this room again. I don’t like to think about why, Nellie. I do know; they will take my baby away after I give birth. With no time to mourn the loss. The men will trailer me from the birthing field to the fancy barn. There, I will nurse the other foal, and they will treat me like a queen for a few weeks. My every desire met, if it will make the foal happier and healthier. It’s after the weaning that I’m afraid of Nellie.

I think the men will feel that I am too old to be bred again. I am frightened of what will happen next, and I am afraid of what will happen to you and your baby too.”

“Sadie!!” Was all Nellie could answer.

“I want to remember this room, and this year with you. I’ve been happier now than I’ve been in an extremely long time.”


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