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Marta Moran Bishop crafts stories to chill, thrill, delight- she takes you into the hearts and minds of others as you travel to other worlds & times, and into the hearts of unforgettable characters.


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Whispers on the Wind takes Mahinee, and her three horses on a trip through a time-travel warp back to Lemuria just before and during the war with Atlantis.

It is a love story that transcends time and space and brings a world where the greed of power and gold foreshadow doom to both civilizations.

But did all the people who once inhabited them perish or did some live on, if so, where or what happened to them?

Do Mahinee and her soul-mate Jonair make it out of Lemuria alive, and are they able together find a new destiny, one where their love will survive?

The Divide Series

A dystopian world based on fact, fiction, and magic – what will happen & will we survive?

Darkness Descends is powerful, gripping work! Set in a dystopian city-state, Bishop indicts a patriarchal oligarchy that feeds a rape culture at the same time as it plots the overthrow of the rule of law with mob psyche. The Roman people were given bread and circuses. Bishop pulls no punches. The blows land all the harder when one realizes she is not working solely from imagination. She has incorporated into her literary tapestry the warp of today’s culture, with the weft of actual history, including a chilling early Twentieth Century plot by brutal American financial moguls to overthrow the United States government.
Marta Moran Bishop’s The Between Times is a terrific allegory–until the sucker punch. You think you’re reading a dystopian story set in some future time. Then you suddenly realize Bishop is writing about right now: The Between Times is a period in which we still have a chance to save all we hold dear. Fail to marshal our collective powers, and we fail as a society, a culture, as a nation state, and the beacon to the world that America has always been is snuffed, never to be reignited. Penned with all the visceral indictments of Sinclair’s The Jungle, we admire and pity Ben, fear for Jewell, grieve Roxanne, and loathe Mr. Horton and his kind. Will the uprising in The Between Times save us? 


Dawn Rises the sequel to The Divide Series brings us hope after fifteen years of despair. When all rights were taken away from women, children, and anyone who was not rich and white. The suburbs and small towns destroyed, the rich walled themselves into the upper town with clean water, electricity, heat, domes that kept the city air clean, and pushed everyone else into the lower towns to live in tenements designed to house multiple families, though women were no longer allowed out of the house or even to meet, and men of different races no longer mixed.


The Nurse Mare’s Series

Award-winning Dinky

The Nurse Mare’s Foal takes you on a journey through the first year of a rescue horses life.

​”​Oh wow! As an animal lover I had to give this book 5 stars, it gave me all the feels. I felt like the Grinch reading this book… my heart definitely grew. I have to admit I may have shed a lot of tears, some because of the cruelty, some because of the outcome for Dinky. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone!”

The story of two aging nurse mares.

​”​This is a wonderful read that captured my heart on the very first page! Very intense, emotional, heartbreaking, story written with the horses as the characters. Made me cry, and at times laugh. This story is written with love and caring about a very real issue, the mistreatment of horses, I felt every emotion the characters felt. Whether you read the book or listen to the audible, you won’t be disappointed.”

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So wrapped up in our own joys, sorrows, and heartache we sometimes forget those others that are also going through their own pain, joy, and heartache. I remember the fun times, the unhappy times, the times filled with challenges to be faced, and know that once again,...

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“Chrome, Connella, I remembered Little Jimmy today,” Dinky said excitedly. “Who is Little Jimmy, Dinky,” Connella asked curiously “Little Jimmy, lived at the old stable with me. I didn’t see him much at first, for her was very sick, Connella. We all overheard the...

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